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 Bookkeeping and Law Firm Advisory Services Specific to Lawyers

Let us ease your burden and help you manage your law firm

Are you devoting more time to bookkeeping than you would like?

Time savings.

While you perform high value legal activities, let us help you save time and ease your bookkeeping burden by doing these time-consuming tasks for you.

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Reduced risk.

Let us ease your administrative burden and help you manage the business side of your law firm more effectively, by supporting you in financial planning, trust accounting, compliance and goal setting.

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Peace of mind.

We understand what it takes to build a thriving law firm.  We are here not only to do the behind-the-scenes bookkeeping for you, but also to share our technical expertise and in-depth knowledge we have gained from managing finances for law firms.

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The Dangers of Going It Alone

How well do you know your law firm's finances? Do you truly know how much time you are spending on making sure your finances are correct? At the end of the day are you certain that both your operating account and IOLTA accounts are correct? Do you worry that you have lost control of your IOLTA account and are not 100% that you can account for every penny? What if there was an unexpected audit on your account?

Take Your Law Firm to Greater Heights


Running a law firm is hard work, but you shouldn’t try to do it alone. Let us ease your burden and help you manage the business side of your firm more effectively by supporting you in planning, compliance and goal setting, cash and debt management, and other important financial functions. Focus on doing what you love. 

Meet your Guide

      At Better Legal Bookkeeping we know you are the kind of people who want to be better at managing and building your law firm. In order to do that, you need to be spending your time focused on the practice of law. The problem is even for the most seasoned lawyers, managing the business side of the law firm can be intimidating and time-consuming.  Often, your frustration takes over.. We believe running a law firm is hard work, but you shouldn’t try to do it alone. We understand the juggling act you are trying to maintain, between trying to be a lawyer and managing the firm’s finances. That’s why we can share our expertise and in-depth industry knowledge to help your law firm succeed.

     Here’s how it works: 1. Schedule a call with Neal so he can get to know you and help you define where you want your law firm to go. 2. Together we will create a specific plan to help you accomplish your goals. 3. Get results and feel secure in your books.  Stop spinning your wheels in managing your finances and get back to practicing law. So let us ease your burden and help you manage the business side of your firm more effectively, so you can stop letting the time-consuming and tedious bookkeeping tasks distract you from managing the core aspects of your law firm, and start spending your time performing high value legal activities. 

Here is the Plan


Get Back to Doing
What You Love

Neal does an excellent job with the bookkeeping for my law firm.  He sends me customized reports so I can keep track of how my firm is doing financially.  Having Neal take care of my IOLTA accounting gives me great peace of mind. He is always available when I need him, and he's a valuable member of my team!


-Heather B.

We have worked with Neal since the inception of our law firm.  We needed a bookkeeper that we could not only trust, but who could turn our financial data into usable information to help us run our law firm more efficiently.  We have been more than satisfied with Neal’s assistance.  He is extremely responsive and individualizes his advice to our law firm’s specific situation.  We highly recommend Neal and his bookkeeping and financial analysis services to other small law firms.

--Leslie B., Law Firm Owner

“Neal has been a lifesaver in keeping track of every penny that comes in and out of my law firm. I feel secure in all of my accounts because of his dedication, personal review and commitment to E. Albert Law.”

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